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Define secure path to communication

Considering our modern world depending so heavily on Telecommunication connectivity. Because of the vast amount of sensitive information available, security systems for telecommunications companies are primarily threatened by cyber-attacks. In a few cases, telecom companies will act as intermediaries in the chain from supplier to subscriber, which opens even more vulnerabilities to the security of the architecture. Businesses often seek optimal security for all aspects within their IT sector including physical or virtual components, data, applications, networks, servers, or desktops.

Open issue under Telecom security

As cyber criminals constantly modify their practices to adapt to changing opportunities, telecom cybersecurity solutions must evolve as well, with more predictive measures taken to mitigate threats before they can cause serious damage.

Recent Cyber-Attacks


According to researchers, the malicious web page masquerades as a Huawei careers site, which has been designed to look indistinguishable from the real thing. The researchers emphasized that Huawei itself isn’t involved in the cyber-espionage campaign.

Cybereason Report

A nation-state-backed hacking operation of Chinese origin has been targeting global telecommunications providers for a number of years, with cyber attackers gaining access to call data records, the geolocation of users and other information about hundreds of millions of people.

Steal 5G Secrets

A cyber-espionage campaign is targeting telecoms companies around the world with attacks using malicious downloads in an effort to steal sensitive data – including information about 5G technology – from compromised victims.

Framework for Security Establishment

When it comes to cybersecurity the telecommunications sector is widely viewed as one of the most vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks. According to a recent survey, 43% of telecommunication organizations have suffered a DNS-malware-based attack. It was also found that on average, telecoms only applied 4 of the 11 critical patches recommend by the ISC in 2016, making them particularly susceptible to zero-day attacks. We at StepToSecure designed a high-class cyber safety solution as per industry demand.

Security Framework

  • Implement Security training
  • Document security philosophy
  • Incident response plan
  • Application VAPT
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Compliance Management

  • Govt has come up with some regulations and standards to tackle security threats and avoid security breaches. Our team does the necessary assessment to ensure you are compliant with all of the security standards (NCSC, ACSC, FISMA etc).
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Advanced Threat Simulation

  • Red Team Assessment
  • Red Team vs Blue Team
  • Social Engineering
  • Phishing Campaign
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Continuous Threat Detection

  • Cloud Security Assessment
  • Code Review
  • Application VAPT
  • Network VAPT
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