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Secure your Retail and eCommerce Businesses

StepToSecure full-stack vulnerability management is trusted by retail & eCommerce companies all over the world to manage the vulnerable estate across both networks and applications. We have the capability to go beyond PCI-DSS standards of compliance and offer continuous proactive vulnerability management and risk-based alerting to give you the information and visibility required to maintain compliance and secure your critical data assets. Retail security services are critical. Brick and mortar retailers, and e-commerce companies, are frequent targets for cybercriminals. In fact, the retail industry is responsible for a significant number of data breaches each year. Our team of certified security professionals has extensive knowledge of the unique threats facing retail and e-commerce businesses. We offer a full complement of services to help you address your information security program, manage your technical security needs, and respond to a data breach if necessary.

Open issue under Retail & Ecommerce Industries

The distributed denial-of-service attack is a common strategy used by attackers. In the retail context, this is an attempt to flood an e-commerce platform with traffic of all types, including bogus online orders and customer service inquiries. Cybercriminals also like to target corporate databases that contain potentially valuable customer information. In some cases, corporate spies may seek to obtain intellectual property that could provide a competitor with a significant advantage over the targeted company, such as store location plans

Recent Cyber-Attacks

Attacks on E-Commerce sites

As per Economics Times Report on date 9-July-2020, A hacker group has broken into at least 570 e-commerce stores in 55 countries, including in India, in the last three years, leaking information on more than 184,000 stolen credit cards and generated over $7 million (over Rs 52 crore) from selling compromised payment cards.

Retail Security Threats: More Powerful DDoS Attacks

In 2000, 15-year-old Michael Calce, known by the online alias ‘ Mafiaboy,’ launched one of the most significant DDoS attacks in history. He took down Yahoo!, E*TRADE, Amazon, and eBay from his home computer. Since then, DDoS attacks have soared above 2 Tbps and show little signs of slowing down. As more companies function online through remote working, the chances for threat actors to target companies through DDoS attacks have risen.

Alibaba- 1.1 billion pieces of user data

Over an eight-month period, a developer working for an affiliate marketer scraped customer data, including usernames and mobile numbers, from the Alibaba Chinese shopping website, Taobao, using crawler software that he created. It appears the developer and his employer were collecting the information for their own use and did not sell it on the black market, although both were sentenced to three years in prison.

Framework for Security Establishment

There are ways to achieve a satisfactory level of cybersecurity, which may include data security solutions as well as database security. Frequently, the best way to meet this objective is to adopt a cybersecurity framework. A framework provides the structure and methodology required to safeguard your critical digital assets. At StepToSecure, we understand the importance of data and how to construct a solid security structure.

Security Framework

  • Implement Security training
  • Document security philosophy
  • Incident response plan
  • Application VAPT
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Compliance Management

  • Govt has come up with some regulations and standards to tackle security threats and avoid security breaches. Our team does the necessary assessment to ensure you are compliant with all of the security standards (NCSC, ACSC, FISMA etc).
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Advanced Threat Simulation

  • Red Team Assessment
  • Red Team vs Blue Team
  • Social Engineering
  • Phishing Campaign
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Continuous Threat Detection

  • Cloud Security Assessment
  • Code Review
  • Application VAPT
  • Network VAPT
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