Mobile Application Penetration Testing

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Graft Security inside your Mobile App

Our TechExpert Team exploring vulnerabilities in mobile applications and securing them in a way to save business handler damages. The team tested numerous mobile applications and faced a wide range of scenarios, this practice gave us hands-on experience on loopholes in mobile applications and further help us to serve in a better way to our clients. Mobile Applications can use a variety of technologies and development frameworks, so our TechTeam apply an exact technical approach to each application. Insecure applications may consequence in sensitive data being visible to other apps on the device, the ability to trigger application components to perform malicious actions amongst other attack vectors. We at StepToSecure fill such gaps in the application and explore further to protect them timely.



While the goals and types of penetration testing may vary, We use four main steps in the penetration testing methodology which include planning and preparation, scanning/assessment, exploitation and data exfiltration, and reporting then clean up the destruction of artifacts.

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By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

Simulate modern & sophisticated cyber attacks related to COVID-19 and enable your team to defend your organization.

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What StepToSecure Offers?

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Extensive Assessment

Exposing the vulnerabilities, which impact client business and organization impact.

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Broad Analytical report

Detailed Analytical report with severity of findings.

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Managerial Report

Reports are organized in a way that both techies and non-techies can understand.

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Permanent Support

Adequate support from StepToSecure Team at 24 Hours to protect client business.

Identification , Anticipation and Prevention before attack

Many websites are being attacked by bug finders on a daily basis; timely identification and prevention prior to attack will protect your data.

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Our outcomes are rich in rigorous knowledge and easily understood by the Tech and Management Teams.

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Are you adhering safekeeping security?

Business handlers can protect themselves from numerous attacks by adhering right security policies.

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