We believe in passionate people!

We ensure employees grow with us because we always mean well for the people.

We have a Growth Mindset

By admitting mistakes, you help to foster a culture of rapid learning. You understand and respect other people’s points of view, and you’re always looking for new ways to learn. You welcome feedbacks. You believe that intelligence and talents can be developed through hard work and dedication.

We are Skilled Collaborators

You value the team’s success over your own and are generous with your talents, insights, and sharing the spotlight. You are open to different viewpoints, ask questions and actively listen. You go the extra mile for your colleagues and take the time to build relationships and trust.

Join Our Team.

We're entering an exciting new phase in our efforts to challenge the workspace model. Apply to join our team in one of our open positions and help us achieve significant change in the innovation industry.

Benefits at StepToSecure

Benefits of working with us

StepToSecure has a flat organizational structure, which ensures every individual has the opportunity to take responsibility for their work. We work on cutting-edge technology that will make a difference in the future. We encourage our employees to explore and create proofs of concept, allowing them to become experts in their fields. StepToSecure also strives to establish a positive work environment for its employees in order for them to have a good Work Life Balance.


Current Openings

Sales & Marketing

You believe you are capable of researching and developing marketing opportunities, as well as designing and implementing new sales plans.


Are you skilled at diving into applications and breaking them down? Do you think you can find a way to bypass security mechanisms?