Secure Code Review

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Source Code is the Root of healthy Application Tree

At StepToSecure, we examine the source code of your application and website for flaws that an attacker could exploit. It uncovers bad security coding practices and improves your application’s overall security state. StepToSecure skilled team has years of experience with application security in all environments and platforms.



Technical Aspects of Secure Code Review Security code reviews are very specific to the application being reviewed. They may highlight flaws that are new or specific to the application's code implementation, such as insecure execution flow termination, synchronization errors, and so on. These flaws can only be discovered if we understand the application code flow and logic. Thus, security code review is not just about scanning the code for a set of unknown insecure code patterns, but it also involves understanding the code implementation of the application and enumerating the flaws specific to it.

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By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

Simulate modern & sophisticated cyber attacks related to COVID-19 and enable your team to defend your organization.

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What StepToSecure Offers?

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Economic Solution

We work with the OWASP framework and use technology to review code, which saves time as well as financial loss associated with an application bug.

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Extensive Assessment

Exposing the vulnerabilities that have an impact on the client's business and the organization.

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Broad Analytical report

Detailed Analytical report with the severity of findings.

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Permanent Support

Adequate support from StepToSecure Team at 24 Hours to protect client business.

Identification , Anticipation and Prevention before attack

Many websites are being attacked by bug finders on a daily basis; timely identification and prevention prior to attack will protect your data.

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Our outcomes are rich in rigorous knowledge and easily understood by the Tech and Management Teams.

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Business handlers can protect themselves from numerous attacks by adhering right security policies.

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