Network Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

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Secure your Network form incoming attacks

In the last five years, StepToSecure has secured over 1000 networks for our prestigious clients. Our Tech Team faced thousands of unique scenarios during this course of work and was able to successfully create a network defensive system. We at StepToSecure believe vulnerability assessments must be a prerequisite for patching and thus incorporate them into the entire patch management life cycle. Our reports will hence act as a benchmark for the entire patch management process.



A network vulnerability assessment is a process of identifying security vulnerabilities in systems, quantifying and analyzing them, and remediating those vulnerabilities based on predefined risks. Assessments are an essential part of a holistic security program and are cited by many industry standards and compliance regulations.

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By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

Simulate modern & sophisticated cyber attacks related to COVID-19 and enable your team to defend your organization.

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What StepToSecure Offers?

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Extensive Assessment

Exposing the vulnerabilities, which impact client business and organization impact.

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Broad Analytical report

Detailed Analytical report with severity of findings.

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Managerial Report

Reports are organized in a way that both techies and non-techies can understand.

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Permanent Support

Adequate support from StepToSecure Team at 24 Hours to protect client business.

Identification , Anticipation and Prevention before attack

Many websites are being attacked by bug finders on a daily basis; timely identification and prevention prior to attack will protect your data.

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Our outcomes are rich in rigorous knowledge and easily understood by the Tech and Management Teams.

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Are you adhering safekeeping security?

Business handlers can protect themselves from numerous attacks by adhering right security policies.

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